Saturday, March 3, 2012

ATTN: Coach's Corner Don Cherry

This is regards to an assault that occurred to my 14 year old son tonight by a father that was coaching on the bench. My son had just got out of the penalty box & was going on the bench & was trying to shut the door. The father that was coaching who has had no coach training through this league grabbed My son shoulder & pushed him down on the bench & was Yelling at him. My husband & others had heard the father yelling at him. That fathers son was starting a argument with My son telling him to shut up & to watch himself. My son told the son to suck his cock. The coach kicked My son off the bench & the Hampton arena manager & Team Manager Banned My son from playing in the rest of the tournament in witch I had no intention of letting him play after this incident. Now I hadn't pressed charges & the father that grabbed him isn't banned from the rink or tournament. So he is the one who stared all this commotion & gets off scott free. The officer said we could press charges but we decided not to before we knew that My son was getting the blame for everything because we thought it was taken care of the proper manner but to come home & find out that My son is getting penalized for getting grabbed on the shoulder pushed down on the seat & yelled at by the father that was coaching & then having that father son mouth off at him telling him to shut up & to watch himself. I hope this manner will be dealt with properly because we will be contacting a lawyer & the telegraph Journal if it isn't.

This was my first & last time having one of my children playing in SJ minor hockey. Team Manager has made this year the worst experience in all my years of hockey. Team Manager sticks up for who ever is in her little click not for my child who was assaulted. Further more I would like to be refunded because I didn't pay money to have my son assaulted. Also I want my sponsor to be refunded there sponsor money.

Also were banned for swearing but that father that was coaching swears all the time as well as one of the referees swore today when he was on the ice after his hand got hit with the stick. I do not agree with these double standards!

Saint John Sharks Bantam C

There was one coach that nothing to do with this. He was not at the game.

Saint John Youth Hockey

Thinking about putting your child in SJ Minor Hockey. Think twice. You pay $350.00 to sign your child up for SJ minor hockey the cost is going up more this year. They do not think it is important to inform you of some vary important details. Like they are going to want you to get a sponsor. I guess usually it is a $100.00 sponsor but our team manager wanted us to get a $200.00 sponsor. Then they want to do all this fund raising to raise thousands of dollars for tournaments, apparel & what ever else they want to waste money on. So if you were uninformed like me & think you are just going to register your child & pay the $350.00 & watch your child play hockey. Think twice because that is not the way it is at all.

Also what SJ hockey can do for your child. How about it takes a child that loved playing hockey & makes him hate it!

This has been the worse experience of all the years of watching my kids play hockey. And then to have your child assaulted by a father coaching him gets off scott free. His son was mouthing off at my son telling him to shut up & to watch himself. The league did not punish him or his son for their actions at all.

Good Old Saint John

Beautiful city but thats not enough for a person to survive on.I read on other sites come to Saint John New Brunswick, Live here, buy a house here.Why so you can take what little jobs left that are here & family members of families that have been born & raised here have to move away to get work.We are already over populated but keep moving to our city.Move to our city & enjoy our "High Gas Prices" "Low minimum wage rate", "Over priced grocery stores".Enjoy Uptown where if you go out early enough there will be tons of Rats running all over Market Square.Yes thats right it is swarming with them believe me I know.They come running towards you & you stamp your feet a couple time to get them to run away.Disgusting little rodents.After seeing that i will never eat in Market Square again.

Bottle Exchange

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