Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maritime Hydroseed Fired My Son For Being Sick

Maritime Hydroseed will work your fingers to the bone. My son had blisters. It is located in Lorneville NB. So be prepared to travel and have lots of $$$ for gas and $2 a day for the toll bridge that is a mess right now because of them doing repairs witch is holding up the traffic all the time. My son never even had to have a interview so that tell me they go through a lot of employees. We had Record breaking temperatures set in New Brunswick Sept 1 and 2. My son felt sick both days from the heat at work. He vomited on one of the days and asked to have Friday off because of this and he was turned down. He told me to pick him up for 5 witch is what time they have been getting off lately, so I was there at 5pm and waited around for a hour and then was told he was going to be another hour and 1/2. Making them work that late on a day when there telling you on the radio not to over exert your self that you can have heart attacks in that type of weather. Hello Maritime Hydroseed manager what is wrong with you head? My son wasn't the only one that was sick that day. The the nerve of the Maritime Hydroseed manager to say that my son was late all the time. Lying piece of crap. I know you are lying because I drove him. He was late once because I slept in because I power shut off and all of the clocks in the house were blinking and one other time 5-10 min late because of traffic. Other wise he was there for 7am the time that he was told to be there for. This job had my son so run down that all he would do is come home eat and go to bed. The manager of Maritime Hydroseed is a no good piece of crap that thinks he is better than you and talks down to you. He wouldn't let me get a word in and he makes up a excuse for everything.

Also another thing that sucks about this job is that you drive all the way there & then you have to drive all the way home because of the rain. So that is a big waste of gas.

 I do how ever thank Maritime Hydroseed for firing my son for being sick because of the heat and not letting him have Friday off because now I do not have to get up @ 4am in the morning any more to pick up my husband and then bring him home so that I could drive my son way to hell out Lorneville NB waking up my younger son and having to drag him out with me at that time in the morning. No more need to waste money on a toll bridge. Now I do not have to waste gas and pick him back up after just driving him there because of rain.

By the way my son didn't need to go there for a interview, he was hired on the phone so don't you think it would of made sense to fire him on the phone instead of making me get  my 8 year old out of bed to drive my older son to work to get fired?

Good Old Saint John

Beautiful city but thats not enough for a person to survive on.I read on other sites come to Saint John New Brunswick, Live here, buy a house here.Why so you can take what little jobs left that are here & family members of families that have been born & raised here have to move away to get work.We are already over populated but keep moving to our city.Move to our city & enjoy our "High Gas Prices" "Low minimum wage rate", "Over priced grocery stores".Enjoy Uptown where if you go out early enough there will be tons of Rats running all over Market Square.Yes thats right it is swarming with them believe me I know.They come running towards you & you stamp your feet a couple time to get them to run away.Disgusting little rodents.After seeing that i will never eat in Market Square again.

Bottle Exchange

Fundy Redemption Centre
18 Egbert Street,
Saint John, NB
E2J 1X1
(506) 652-2918
Open-Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saterday

Golden Mile Redemption Centre
861 Fairville Boulevard,
Saint John, NB
E2M 5T9
(506) 674-1206

Fairville Bottle Exchange
81 Fallsview av,
Saint John, NB
(506) 652-3676