Saturday, July 21, 2007

MDG Computer's Are Garbage

Buying a computer from MDG in 2007 was the biggest mistake of my life...I asked them if it was in home support before I bought it & they said it was...Well it broke down & I sent it back to be fixed plus I had to Pay $20 dollars for insurance with them in case they lost or broke my computer...Every time you would have to send it back to them the charge was $20...It was the power supply as I expected plus I told them that the dvd burner wasn't working properly...Well got it back a month later & it was the power supply & they also told me the fan wasn't working...So I thought great depending on how long the fan wasn't working for the hard drive will likely be the next to go...Then I go to try & burn & it still isn't working properly so I call them & find out that they never even looked at the dvd burner so they expect me to send it back again to be fixed & then I will have to wait a month again to get it fixed...Also they have a seal on this piece of crap computer & you can't even clean the dust out of it...If you break the seal the warranty is void...This computer has been nothing but a head ache...I called them & told them I didn't want it because it was a piece of garbage & that I wasn't going to pay for it but they wouldn't take the computer back...I don't want this piece of garbage but I am stuck with it!

Good Old Saint John

Beautiful city but thats not enough for a person to survive on.I read on other sites come to Saint John New Brunswick, Live here, buy a house here.Why so you can take what little jobs left that are here & family members of families that have been born & raised here have to move away to get work.We are already over populated but keep moving to our city.Move to our city & enjoy our "High Gas Prices" "Low minimum wage rate", "Over priced grocery stores".Enjoy Uptown where if you go out early enough there will be tons of Rats running all over Market Square.Yes thats right it is swarming with them believe me I know.They come running towards you & you stamp your feet a couple time to get them to run away.Disgusting little rodents.After seeing that i will never eat in Market Square again.

Bottle Exchange

Fundy Redemption Centre
18 Egbert Street,
Saint John, NB
E2J 1X1
(506) 652-2918
Open-Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saterday

Golden Mile Redemption Centre
861 Fairville Boulevard,
Saint John, NB
E2M 5T9
(506) 674-1206

Fairville Bottle Exchange
81 Fallsview av,
Saint John, NB
(506) 652-3676