Friday, June 27, 2008

Ultramar Loch Lomond Autopro Appearance-Based Discrimination

My 17 year old son started working for Ultramar Loch Lomond Autopro & I was warned before he started that the guy that owns it was a asshole. My son went to the interview in his every day cloths. He told me the owner swore thought the whole interview. That might of impressed my 17 year old son but didn't impress me that a grown man that is suppose to be a role model for his employees was swearing left & right. The owner said he was going to get my son a uniform like the mechanics had then 2 weeks into it I was told that he needed dark blue pants & a blue shirt. The son didn't have any breaks or lunch time the whole time working there. Well besides that yes my son got let go witch is fine for me now I don't have to get up & drag my kids out early & drive him to a dead end job, but the thing that pisses me off is that piece of shit that own the ultramar comment on the cloths I bought my kid...His blue jeans hanging to the ground plus other apparel you would wear hanging out with your friends. Very sloppy & unprofessional...
I also do not see the girls that work there having to wear a uniform. what is with that?

First off WJ Madore you need to learn to spell because you spelled apparel wrong (you spelled it like this-apparell) You also spelled unprofessional wrong (you spelled it like this-un professional) un & professional is not two words it is one word like this unprofessional. Think it is time for you to get some hooked on phonics!

Now you taking about unprofessional that is a joke right? Swearing in a interview to my 17 year old that is unprofessional. What do you think you are a cool old man. Then you were going to dock my sons pay for some one else stealing money. That is when my son stopped giving a shit & lost respect for you.

No my son never had breaks or lunch time the whole time working for you & there is withheld money with no explanation on his pay stubs.

I am taking my son to the labour board about this & going to contact a lawyer about the Discrimination on his apparel & by the way tell your brother that I said hi...I guess he is friends with my dad...

Good Old Saint John

Beautiful city but thats not enough for a person to survive on.I read on other sites come to Saint John New Brunswick, Live here, buy a house here.Why so you can take what little jobs left that are here & family members of families that have been born & raised here have to move away to get work.We are already over populated but keep moving to our city.Move to our city & enjoy our "High Gas Prices" "Low minimum wage rate", "Over priced grocery stores".Enjoy Uptown where if you go out early enough there will be tons of Rats running all over Market Square.Yes thats right it is swarming with them believe me I know.They come running towards you & you stamp your feet a couple time to get them to run away.Disgusting little rodents.After seeing that i will never eat in Market Square again.

Bottle Exchange

Fundy Redemption Centre
18 Egbert Street,
Saint John, NB
E2J 1X1
(506) 652-2918
Open-Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saterday

Golden Mile Redemption Centre
861 Fairville Boulevard,
Saint John, NB
E2M 5T9
(506) 674-1206

Fairville Bottle Exchange
81 Fallsview av,
Saint John, NB
(506) 652-3676